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This spot in Santa Monica is always washed with daylight, thanks to wide, floor-to-ceiling windows. Menu-wise, the espresso drinks are excellent, and it’s worth trying the weirdly good lemonade iced coffee. It’s a great spot for work if you’ve got a puppy in tow—the entire space is dog-friendly, and the backyard offers plenty of room for them to stretch out under your table.

Geordi La Corgi Romps at His Favorite Pet-Friendly Hangouts in L.A

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Geordi's owner stumbled on this Santa Monica gem by mistake a few years back. “Dogs are allowed inside the actual coffee shop, which is really rare in L.A.,” she tells Us. “Overall, the city isn’t super dog-friendly — surprisingly, because all of the outdoor seating.” 

To its success, Love Coffee Bar operates differently, allowing pet owners to sip alongside their fur babies on cushy couches while the staff whips up inventive espresso drinks.

“We always see different dogs every time we go,” Geordi's owner says. “And they’re always super friendly and well behaved. We’ve made lots of friends over the years.”

What’s more, the craft java shop also makes its own dog treats.

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The Local Go-To

At Love Coffee Bar the love extends from the hands of talented baristas into your hands. The broader concept of this shop tells the stories of friends and partners through art, film, and poetry. Love Coffee Bar partners with the surrounding community to serve up a different roast of beans and tea and every month and their to-go cup design is charmingly unique.

Paul's Land Rover Defender

As the automotive iconic reaches the end of its long life, Paul met up with the Land Rover team to take his bespoke Defender for a test-drive and share his fondness for one of Britain’s most recognisable vehicles.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith


Paul worked closely with Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) design team and Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer, Gerry McGovern, to create an utterly unique version of the Defender to honour this special vehicle as it reaches the end of production.

To create a Defender that captured Paul Smith’s confident use of colour, Paul sent the SVO team a set of Pantone colour references, which were then specially mixed to create the 27 colours that were used on the vehicle’s exterior.

Paul intended the patchwork colour scheme to honour the honest history of the Defender, especially its use on the farmyard and in the emergency services. Yet inside there is a feeling of luxury, with soft leather and Paul Smith Maharam fabric.

Link to Paul's Defender


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We are so excited to be live on Episode 9 of this podcast by Bill Barol.

Kambiz Hemati

Kambiz Hemati

"Suppose you wanted to design a home away from home. What would you put in? What would you leave out? What kind of seating would you have? (Soft? Hard? Low? High?) What kind of tables — big working slabs or intimate little two-tops?

A good “third place” may seem casually homey, but its design is the end result of a million tiny decisions. This week, it’s a conversation with Kambiz Hemati, who oversaw store design at Starbucks for two years and now owns Love Coffee Bar in Santa Monica, where he gets to think hard — and think small — about what makes a place feel like home."

Please click on link: Episode 9: A Home Away From Home